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How Does Flotrol Bladder Control Work?

Flotrol is an all natural bladder control supplement that is designed for both men and women who are currently suffering from bladder control issues. This supplement has two main ingredients, which are pumpkin seed extract and soybean germ extract. Both of these active ingredients have been clinically proven to increase the strength of the bladder muscles. In fact, they've been used for centuries as ancient remedies for curing bladder-related issues.

This bladder support supplement works by strengthening the muscles of the bladder, especially the bladder walls. By taking five tablets a day for the first two weeks, you will supply your body with the necessary nutrients it needs to built up the strength of your bladder walls. After the first two weeks, it's recommended that you reduce your dosage to about three tablets per day to maintain your new level of strength.

It's important to note the Flotrol is an ongoing treatment. You will need to continue to take it to supply your bladder muscles with the components they need to maintain their strength. If you stop taking Flotrol bladder control supplement after you've built up the strength of your bladder muscles, it's very likely you'll see a decrease in your ability to control your bladder within a few short weeks.