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Social Media and Ways it Can Affect Your Custody Battle

How Social Media can Affect Your Custody Case 

Pretty well everyone has a social media account these days, but few know that your posts are all admissible in a court setting.  In this article, we will look at what sort of social media posts to avoid in order to keep your custody case from being affected.

Social Media Posts to Avoid During a Custody Battle 

custody lawyersSpending

Often times people use social media for bragging or exaggerating the lavishness of their lifestyle. This sort of boasting can have a very negative impact on your custody case. If you are receiving or petitioning for child support, the other parents custody lawyers can use these posts to prove that you do not need the amount of support you have requested.  On the other hand, if you are the one paying child support, the other partner could use these posts as proof that you would be able to give more in support payments. Either way, put the bragging on hold until after the final court decisions are made.


Everyone needs to have fun once and a while, and going to a party does not necessarily make you an unfit parent. However, if your party posts reference to drug use or excessive alcohol intake, then the other sides custody lawyers could use this to reinforce the notion that you are unable to care for your child. If you have gone out partying on a night that your child is supposed to be in your custody, the other side could easily say that you do not care about spending time with your child.  If other similar accusations have been made over the course of the custody battle, these posts will help solidify the other sides case. 

Personal Relationship Information

This is another thing people use social media for quite often, and some of those sorts of posts can really impact your custody case. This includes:

Posts about a new partner – The courts do not think that parents should not be dating after a divorce, but focusing on a new partner could help prove that you do not have your children’s best interest at heart

Bad Mouthing the Other Parent – If the custody lawyers see you bad mouthing your ex, they could use that as proof that you will not be able to co-parent effectively.

Signing Up for Dating/Hookup Sites – Again, this could show a lack of dedication to parenting, and can be used to show irresponsibility.

Inappropriate Pictures – Pictures that show inappropriate levels of dress, or you in inappropriate situations, can be used against in  


We are all guilty of occasionally oversharing on social media, but during a custody case, use your judgment to be sure you are not making your case harder to win.