Mountain Biking has different types or categories. It is good to know and understand the differences between these types. In general, mountain biking is a fun yet quite dangerous sports. This is why the bikers should prepare the gears and wear proper clothes for the adventure. All bikers should equip themselves with all the necessary items such as hydration pack, spare tube, tire levers, CO2 cartridge, mini-pump, ID Card, tools, first aid kit, weatherproof gloves, footwear, padded shorts or tights, stowaway wind jacket, buff, and more.

So, with regards to the different types or categories of mountain biking, one is Cross-country cycling.  In general, it means riding in a loop. A good mountain bike is used in this category. Prepare a typical XC bike that weighs around 9-13 kilos. Another type is known as Enduro or all-mountain. The bikes being used for this are usually stronger than XC models. Under Enduro racing, there are two formats known as the “Big-Mountain” and “Gravity”. Downhill is a very popular type or category of mountain biking.

The Four-cross or Dual Slalom is another type of mountain biking or known as a discipline wherein the riders compete on separate tracks or on a short slalom track. There is a bike intended for this with light-hard tails. For the Freeride category, the rider can do whatever he wants. He can do downhill, jumping, and some other biking stunts. While Dirt Jumping makes the rider airborne. His aim is to land on the ‘landing’. Other categories include trials, urban or street, trail riding, marathon, and bikepacking.