Both biking and driving have advantages as well as disadvantages. Let’s begin with the advantages of riding a bike. The use of a bike as a form of transportation brings many advantages. When there is a traffic, you can arrive earlier at your destination using bike. In addition to this, it is a good aerobic workout. If you want to save your transportation fee or oil fee, riding a bike is a great help. And when it comes to maintenance, bike maintenance is much cheaper.

Riding a bike strengthens your muscles too. There are also the disadvantages of biking such as being subject to the weather. If someone wants to go with you, the cargo capacity of a bike is very limited. And if you go to a far place, biking for a long-distance will bring disadvantage. Like this, riding a bike can bring both good and bad or positive and negative advantages. Some would prefer to use a car when going o different places while others will choose bike. Here is a clinic that may help you for your eye problems. Check over this link 古亭 眼科診所 for more. This is so nice and really trustworthy.

If you are to travel to different places, the use of car is recommended since it is known as the most popular method of transport. By driving a car, you can somehow avoid the crowd. Freedom can also be felt. For summer, driving a car allows you to  feel comfortable unlike when you just ride a bike. You can enjoy riding a bike because of its benefits or advantages and also when you drive a car, don’t forget to wear proper clothes.