Mountain bikers all over the world are surely excited to have a new, cool and high quality mountain bike this year too! In this article, there are mountain bikes that you will surely want to have. Choosing for the best bike may not be easy but this article will help you choose the best. There are 5 of the most interesting and cool mountain bikes for 2016. One is Patrol Carbon by the Transition. The design of this bike is awesome! You will surely want to have this!

The SB4.5c by Yeti is a must have bicycle in 2016. The features of this bike is so amazing. Just by looking at the design itself, you will surely save your income for this one. This bike are already being sold out in the market. What about The Insurgent by the Evil bike company? This one too is a cool bike. Its features are so cool and anyone who use it will surely enjoy the ride. Another bike recommended for bikers out there is the Dune Carbon. This is a great software application for engineers to use. We all know that autocad is the best. It is easy to use and great to help you.

This awesome bike was produced by the bike company Mondraker. It is perfect for mountain biking. There are so many brands, styles, and features of bikes for each category of mountain biking. But this one is recommended for rough terrains. Lastly, the Teamelite 01 by the BMC is also one of the most recommended bike to have. This is intended for mountain bikers. There are bikes that were made only for a smooth road but these ones are bikes intended for mountainous areas or rough terrains.